Types of Germany Visas

Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe and is welcoming migrants from many parts of the world by offering various visa and PR options. You can rely on aspirevisas for whatever is your visa requirement like Business Visa, Working Visa, Training/Internship Visa, Schengen Visa (Tourist, Visit), Studying and Language Learning Visa or Medical Treatment Visa.

Requirements for a Germany visa

The common documents for a visa to Germany are a passport that is valid for 3 months ahead of the duration of your stay in Germany. It is six months for a Schengen Visa. There must be at least two blank pages in the passport.
The passport must have been issued within the last ten years. It must have your identifiable photograph with applicable standards. You will also need a health insurance that will cover your period of stay in Germany. It is also mandatory to have an official declaration of your monetary condition for the previous three months.