Denmark Immigration

You have arrived at the right place even as it’s apparent that you have decided to immigrate to the strikingly beautiful Northern European nation of Denmark for residence, study or/and work purposes. The Kingdom of Denmark is a prosperous overseas destination even while it offers a variety of attractive opportunities to those who could be inspired with immigration to this beautiful Scandinavian nation.

Whether a Denmark visa-aspirant is an investor, or a businessman, or a student, and keen to boost his career while simultaneously residing in one of the most advanced and successful nations across the globe perhaps, he won’t get a better option. With a plethora of demand for the trained manpower, enterprising capitalists/industrialists and self-employed people, and the Kingdom of Denmark admitting permit submissions, the future certainly looks great for the potential Denmark immigration-inspired aspirants.

Denmark Immigration with visas

For any kind of assistance and support on Denmark Immigration you are most welcome to contact Reydas the renowned & experienced Denmark Immigration Service Specialists. Just ensure that your profession finds mention on the relevant Denmark Skilled Occupation List and you follow the necessary Denmark immigration rules. Leave the rest to us! As your trusted allies, we would ensure that you sail through a hassle-free petition procedure

Denmark has a strongest economy in the world known to be the best country to live.

As per the UN world happiness report has rated Danes as happiest people on earth and happiest country.

Denmark has oldest flag in the world still in use by an independent nation.

About 50% Danes commutes by bicycles. Denmark offers green card which allows you to live, work, study for 3 years initially extended for 1 year later and then for 4 year thereafter which is a pathway for Permanent residency in Denmark.

Requirements of Danish Green card scheme.

You must hold at least a bachelors degree equivalent to Danish degree

You must have an occupation or work experience in positive occupation list given by Denmark government

Applicant must have scored 100 points based on age, education, work, adaptability & English test.